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Jusisweety on Saturday, February 23 2013, 02:30 AM

Error in self registering a new user

Hello, I implemented the dialogue to self-register a new user. After clicking the save button the result is a 404 error. The same happenes after Log in of a an allready registered user (created by admin), saving the opened dialogue to modify the user. I tried to increase the access level of registered user of the user component and contact component until allowing everithing (create, modify, delete and so on), but this does not solve the problem, also looking in forums. That's why I ask it here. Any ideas? I will apreciate.
The discussion has been resolved.
  • Replied by zahir on Saturday, February 23 2013, 02:57 AM · Hide · #1
    It's difficult to know exactly what could be causing this error... Can you provide some more info :

      What are the urls of the pages that give a 404?
      What is the error message (if applicable) eg. component not found etc.
      Does the registration work with the default joomla templates?

    Also, if you have any SEO extension or Search engine friendly Urls enabled, please disable these and try again.
  • Replied by Jusisweety on Saturday, February 23 2013, 02:05 PM · Hide · #2
    Hi Zahir, thank you for answering.

    I switched to beez5 - fruit shop and self registration is successfull. Disabling the user-friendly URL did not affect. In fruitshop the setting of user-friendly URL or the access level of registered user does not matter. You can check at, Benutzer (user) - Neuer Benutzer (new user). Please let me know your email if you need more information or backend access.
  • Replied by Jusisweety on Sunday, February 24 2013, 01:20 AM · Hide · #3
    Hi Zahir, there might be problems with installation of the template. I tried to install the new version (1.0.6?) and got error messages. I wil try to reinstall the template again and check the right manamegent of the ftp folders of my installation.
    Replied by zahir on Monday, February 25 2013, 09:52 AM · Hide · #4
    Hi Jusisweety,

    I tried registering on your site, but it refused to accept the activation token that was part of the URL. Would you be able to email me login details to view the backend of the site. You can email access details to info at so I can have a look at what may be wrong.
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