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dadu7058 on Tuesday, February 05 2013, 03:51 AM

RS_Events!Pro Problem related to noConflict declaration with Business 2.0 Template

I am using an event manager extension called RS_Events!Pro on this site with your Business 2.0 template (rave reviews by the way). I am having problems with RS_Events!Pro and contacted their tech support. The answer I received involves making a change to the template settings. For test purposes, I changed the calendar page to the beez_20 template and the tool tips and other problems I was having stopped.

From RS_Joomla! Tech Support:
Regarding the HTML code that is displayed when hovering over an event in the calendar view(the events tooltip), this seems to be caused by your custom template. The template loads jQuery without a noConflict declaration thus overwriting the default library used by Joomla! : Mootools. If you test the same functionality in a default Joomla! 2.5 template (for example beez_20) the event tooltips are displayed properly. Please try adding a noConflict declaration after loading jQuery on your page and test the functionality one more time.

Please advise if you believe this is the correct solution and if so how I would implement this solution on the Business 2.0 template and can it be done with a CSS Over Ride or do I hack a template file? Attached is a PDF of the problem statement I provided RS_Joomla (only page 2 & 3 are relevant to this support ticket).
Thanks in advance for the help.
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Accepted Answer

  • Replied by zahir on Wednesday, February 06 2013, 11:29 PM
    Hi Doug,

    Thanks for your mail. Please add the noConflict declaration shown below around line 28 (just above if($toplink==1)) in the scripts.php file. This file is located within the /templates/tr_business20/js/ folder:

    See attached.
    Do let me know if this works for you. If not, it would be quicker to provide me with access to the backend or ftp access (only required to access the template directory) so I can diagnose the issue further.


    1 vote by zahir

  • Replied by zahir on Tuesday, February 05 2013, 10:37 AM · Hide · #1
    Hi Doug,

    Would it be possible to send me details to access your site (both frontend and backend) so I may look at it in more detail? You can email me the details on this address: info at
    I believe you may have forgotten to attach the PDF of the problem statement. You can send that via email as well.
  • Replied by dadu7058 on Wednesday, February 06 2013, 02:47 AM · Hide · #2
    Hello Zahir - I will attempt to upload the pdf file again. The upload failed yesterday as "upload is an unsupported format" but I've uploaded a pdf to you before. I am unable to provide you admin access; however, the front end where the conflict exists is at the URL below and the other link is a default JOOMLA! template wits the same extension. I will provide you any information you need from the administration panel.
    Best regards,
  • Replied by dadu7058 on Wednesday, February 06 2013, 02:49 AM · Hide · #3
    It's a No Go on PDF. I uploaded a jpg before.
    The mind is a terrible thing to waste.
    So! the JPGs are attached.
    Replied by dadu7058 on Thursday, February 07 2013, 06:53 AM · Hide · #4
    Excellent Zahir!
    Adding the noConflict declaration in the scripts.php file fixed the Calendar Display problem with the RS_Events!PRO calendar. Unfortunately, the adding the noConflict declaration in the scripts.php induced a different problem on the RS_Events!PRO Locations Menu Page. I will work this one with the RSJoomla! support team. In the mean time, I am reverting the site back to the original scripts.php because the modified file opened the front end to unauthorized edits to event location information. I will close this thread as the template function is working with this mod. Thank you, and again... I appreciate the quality in which you describe and document the corrective action. Five Stars! Doug
    1 vote by zahir
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